Univ Chen is an avid UX constructor based in Taiwan.

Participatory Campus Renovation Competition - Second Prize


In recent years, discussions on space renovation have gradually shifted from spatial to social attributes and social meanings. Our team remodeled this corridor into a vivid cozy area, changing the way people engage on the campus. 


I partnered with three co-workers and uncovered insights by perceiving the relationship between the students and how they interact with places nearby. I measured the area and led the design of the project. It was presented as a renovation prototype to professors from three areas, Theater Arts, Architecture, and Social Sciences, as well as the Dean of Academic Affairs.


Started from a walk

This competition required us to find abandoned or infrequently used spaces on the campus and transform it given a 200,000 NTD budget.

Our team went around the campus together and then chose the idle corridor on the second floor of the Sciences and Engineering Corridor.



What could it be?

“What can we turn this place into?”
“What do students need?”
“What do we expect to have?” 

We came up with the answers by analyzing students’ routines.

The main buildings are shown below. Here, students spend time in lectures, discussions, and studies. 

campus map

When it comes to meeting up with classmates, students often face the dilemma of being outdoor with a common threat of mosquitoes. Besides, there are not enough spaces on the campus. There are eleven discussion rooms for six people in the library. All have limited reservations and usage.

Furthermore, there is a convenience store on level B1. The insufficient seats at B1 leave no place for students to gather during meals.

As a result, we conceived the idea of remodeling this place into a place that meets the basic needs of college students in the 21st century. 

We segmented the place into three areas, A, B, and C. B area is indoor with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and food to grab. A and C areas are outdoor with tables and chairs.


What is this place born with?

We tried to make the most advantages of the budget.

Looking out to the campus, there is beautiful green grass shining under the bright sun of southern Taiwan. It’s a privilege that users at high chair areas near the windows can definitely enjoy.

Redbrick walls and cement floors layout the unpolished industrial loft style, with some added metal artwork and lights as embellishments.

Besides, I added some wave-like curves to the edge of the table to set off this ocean-based university. The use of plants, paintings, and pipes in vibrant color kept the space lively.

First edition of Co-Zone B Area (AutoCAD)


Operation and management

We believe that the renovation will not only revive an idle space but change the way people engage on the campus. We look forward to a more dynamic young campus with noisy people gathering for daily meetups, discussions, clubs, and even workshops. We plan to offer the talents a consignment platform for desserts, creative handicrafts, cocktail drinks… etc. May the place be the support and encouragement for students to cultivate interests and try everything.